Sunscreen from Kimberly Sayer of London

Since I switched my own skin care to natural cosmetics, I’ve always been asking for recommendations for sunscreen, as not so many natural cosmetics companies have such products in their range.

I opted for Kimberly Sayer of London – a certified producer of natural skin care cosmetics.

They have two sunscreens: Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer SPF-30 (my preferred one) and Anti-Oxidant Daily Moisturizing Cream SPF-30 (which has a creamier and richer consistency).

Of course, the SPF-30 does not offer enough protection for a day on the beach or in the mountains but is sufficient for a sunny day in a city.

The only two disadvantages that I can see are:

  1. The products of Kimberly Sayer of London are not possible to buy in Switzerland, so I buy them on business trips to Singapore, as the delivery costs for shipping to Switzerland by ordering from their UK website are higher than the price of the product itself.   
  2. There are only sunscreen SPF-30 products unfortunately.

Otherwise, I am very happy with the Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer SPF-30, as it does not require any additional moisturizer and my oily skin does not have a greasy shine as is the case with most sunscreens.

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