Hygiene rules

As the cosmetic products are usually made for use for quite long periods of time, their preparation requires higher standards of hygiene than normal kitchen work.

  1. As long as the cosmetic-making equipment is okay for a dishwasher, you should use that. Otherwise, wash the equipment etc. by hand.
  2. With most electric stick blenders, you can unscrew the blade attachment from the main part/motor and clean it in the dishwasher.
  3. Always keep very good hand hygiene: after washing them first in water and by using a liquid soap, always spray your hands with alcohol spray or use gloves.
  4. Fill a spray bottle with 70% alcohol and spray work surfaces and equipment before making your cosmetic products. Afterwards wipe all of these off with clean kitchen paper towels.
  5. Never use tap water for your products but only distilled water that should be boiled for a couple of minutes before manufacturing your cosmetics.
  6. Always properly label your products with expiry date information.  


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