For legal reasons, I must point out that I am neither a chemist nor a physician. All statements made by me on this blog about the effects and properties of the individual raw materials and recipes are based on my own findings and experiences. They do not represent healing promises in any way. I expressly point out that neither alleviation of problems nor illnesses are guaranteed or promised. The contents cannot substitute personal advice, examination or diagnosis by a doctor or therapist and you should not use my information to self-diagnose or self-medicate.

The information and recommendations given are based on my personal research and are believed to be accurate but no guarantee of their accuracy is made and I assume no liability regarding any formula or information. In every case I recommend that you carry out your own tests to determine whether the product is suitable for your particular purposes.

In other words, please keep in mind that in this blog, I just share my personal experience regarding the DIY natural cosmetics with references to different sources of information and materials that I use in my hobby.

Any of your own experiments or reproductions of my recipes are carried out by you at your own risk.

INCI names provided here are used as a guide only. You will need to check full material information from their suppliers and prepare ingredient list specific to the materials you actually use.