Sources of raw materials and much more

English the website contains good information for beginners  UK based online school for natural skincare the shipment from the USA to Europe can be expensive but the website has a great choice of recipes    the website of one of the world’s leading experts in aromatherapy, with online courses available UK based online school for natural skincare
German the supplier has a good choice of very interesting raw materials as well as a small but nice collection of recipes good choice of modern materials for DIY natural cosmetics with good instructions on how to use Swiss company offering a very good choice of plant extracts and other materials             Swiss company with a great choice of essential oils small but nice choice of components and equipment for decorative cosmetics a very fundamental and useful source of basic information with many tables and calculators besides raw materials, the website offers a lot of video lessons and interesting recipes
French big range of raw materials with very detailed information about them and a huge collection of recipes suitable for beginners

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