Norway oil

A recent trip to Norway required some thoughts about the skin protection against cold and wind. As a result, cream and oil recipes were created. This post is about the oil.

INCI: Vitis vinifera, Helianthus annus hybride oil, Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, Persea gratissima, Tocopherol (DL-alpha-Tocopherol), Hippophae rhamnoides, Cinnamomum ceylanicum oil

StageIngredient%Amount in batch (g)
AGrape seed oil, refined35.00%17.50
AAntioxidant (should be 2%)2.00%1.00
ASunflower oil30.00%15.00
AAlmond oil 20.00%10.00
AAvocado oil10.00%5.00
ASea-buckthorn oil2.90%1.45
ACinnamon bark oil0.10%0.05

Formulation procedure:

Blend all components of Stage A together.

Some observations and comments:

The oil is absorbed quickly and does not leave greasy marks but a velvety skin feeling.

As this is an anhydrous product, it is preservative free and its shelf-life depends on the expiry date of its components.

Other benefits:

The cheerful yellow-orange colour due to the sea buckthorn oil is the additional aesthetic bonus to the main purpose of the finished product.

A “winter” smell of cinnamon creates a perfect Christmas mood.: -)

By the way, this oil can be used both for body and face care.


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