The disadvantage of the natural preservatives is their vulnerability and a short shelf-life of the final cosmetic products.

In order to extend the shelf-life of the natural cosmetics and to avoid their contamination, the use of disinfected spatula is highly recommended (in case you keep your cosmetics in jars).

As a frequent traveller, I find this solution too uncomfortable and complicated. I opted, therefore, for tubes and dispensers. There are, of course, glass dispensers, which are again not good for travelling if you do not want to carry extra weight and can also be dangerous when using them in the shower (as they can fall and break).

So, I decided to use plastic containers but only those that I can take completely apart, clean and disinfect properly and re-use multiple times. There are also nice airless containers on the market. Here is an example. Even though the container is made of plastic, it is reusable as it can be taken apart and cleaned properly. Here are the detailed video instructions: Part 1 and Part 2.

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