Hello. My name is Regina. I live and work in Switzerland, but I’m traveling a lot.

One of my hobbies is the DIY of natural cosmetics resulting from my disappointment in the conventional, even the most expensive cosmetics. Their inefficiency, the huge amount of silicones, hormones and mineral oils in their formulations made me review my personal concept of face and body care.

My journey into the world of natural cosmetics began in 2015 with a five-hour course at Klubschule Migros and is still ongoing. Following on from this, I have attended a cosmetology school (2018), the school of natural cosmetology (2019) in Switzerland and various online schools in the UK (with certificates in Facial Masque Therapy at Formula Botanica and a certificate in Essential Oils Safety at the Robert Tisserand Institute). The plans are to continue my studies on various online platforms in the UK (Formula Botanica and School of Natural Skin Care) as well as further training courses at Academia Balance Swiss.

On this blog I am sharing with you some of my recipes and experiments in DIY natural cosmetics in a hope to encourage you to start this exciting hobby!